New 13" Macbook Pro GPU Hash Cracking NTLM/MD5/SHA1

Wanted give some GPU cracking a go on my new 13" Macbook Pro. It's sporting a nice but rather weak Nvidia Geforce 330m.

If you want to try the same, you will need the CUDA libraries here, and CUDA Multiforcer for Intel Mac's located here.

Remember to check out Pyrit here for cracking WPA/WPA2 keys, it will also run on OSX...

./CUDA-Multiforcer -h NTLM -c charsets/charsetfull -f test_hash_files/Hashes-NTLM-Full.txt --min=4 --max=9

Benchmark: CUDA Multiforcer (multiple hash brute forcer)
by Bitweasil
Version 0.61 beta, length 0-14
Currently supported hash types: MD5 MD4 NTLM
Hash type: NTLM
CUDA Device Information:
Device 0: "GeForce 320M"
Number of cores: 48
Clock rate: 0.00 GHz
Charset loaded (96 characters)
Hashes loaded (7 hashes)
Launching kernel for password length 4
Done: 73.49% Step rate: 82.9M/s Search rate: 580.4M/sec


Compute done: Reference time 1.3 seconds
Stepping rate: 63.1M MD4/s
Search rate: 441.8M NTLM/s

Launching kernel for password length 5
Done: 25.36% Step rate: 80.4M/s Search rate: 562.6M/sec